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Flip-Page Online Coupon Books

Coupon Books

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People love looking through coupon books. They enjoy finding new businesses, new offers, new ways to save money.

Unfortunately, when you advertise in a traditional printed publication, your offer is static ... meaning it remains the same until the coupon book, magazine or other publication is reprinted.

With a WG Online Flip-Page Coupon Book, you're in complete control! Change your offers weekly, monthly, daily, or even hourly ... whenever it suits you! Your clients and customers will check back for changes - then post the changes on your Twitter or Facebook account to drive traffic to your coupons.

An online coupon is not only great for individual businesses, but organizations and business groups can combine to give offer a variety of coupons.

Free Trial Online Brochure

It's the green way to market your offers ... saving trees, ink, and the gasoline needed to deliver them. No need to have thousands of unused coupons lying around - your customers can just print out what they want, when they want!

Send us your PDF of your printed material for a quick production, or let our top-notch design crew create a flip-page coupon book from scratch!

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