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Online catalog

Remember the days when just about every major retailer published a THICK catalog every year - full of every kind of item you could imagine? You could easily spend days just flipping the pages and trying to figure out what you wanted to buy.

Because of the sheer cost of producing, printing and mailing such big catalogs, those days are gone forever ... or are they? Sure, L.L. Bean, Land's End and others still send out catalogs, but those are the "big boys" and it seems only they can afford it.

Free Trial Online Brochure

Now, with WG Online Brochures, you can put your business in front of as many people as you'd like... without printing a single sheet of paper!

Use high-definition photos to show the quality of your products. Write detailed descriptions about your services. Make your customers feel totally comfortable before they part with a dime of their money! Link directly to the sale page on your website!

Heck, do just about anything you'd like - with WG Online Brochures, your imagination is your only limit!

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