Sierra Nevada Alliance

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Dear Alliance Supporter! It has been an amazing year at the Sierra Nevada Alliance! Actually, it’s been an amazing 25 years. That’s right, 2018 marked our 25th Anniversary of protecting and restoring the Range of Light. Whether you’ve been with us for 25 years, five years or one month, we’re glad you’re a part of the Alliance family. Together, we’ve accomplished a lot over the last quarter-century. Together with you this year, we have: F F Maintained a robust AmeriCorps programwith more than 15,000 watershed acres restored, more than 1,250 sites monitored, more than 165,000 individuals educated, more than 35,000 volunteers recruited, and more than 500,000 hours of service contributed since 2007. F F Rebuilt our Member Groups to 40 over the last year with providing improved resources, trainings, and coordination among them. F F Hosted a memorable 25th Anniversary Conference with more than 130 local, regional and national thought-leaders coming together to discuss and plan “regional resiliency” for the Sierra. F F Marched forward with climate work, both by working with municipalities to pass 100% clean energy resolutions and hiring two Climate Fellows to expand and implement regional climate action plans and facilitate regional partnerships. None of this would be possible without you. We are only as strong as our partners, Member Groups, individual supporters, and volunteers. We are proud of our hard work over the last 25 years and, we have our sights on much more over the next 25, including: F F Work on expanding and building off of our AmeriCorps program; F F Provide an even greater supply of talented staff to implement the tremendous amount of on-the- ground conservation work needed to create the resilient Sierra we desire; F F Work more diligently on providing greater capacity-building resources for our Member Groups; F F Represent our Member Groups in the advocacy arena; and F F Build out more regional frameworks for watershed, forest health, climate action and adaptive management planning for the region within the coming year. Thank you for taking the time to read our 2017-2018 Annual Report and learn more about the work we do! We hope you will lock arms with us, so that our impact is even that much bigger in the years to come. As we all know, there is much still be done to protect and restore the Sierra in order for it to be resilient to climate change, fire, development, and all that threatens it. Jenny Hatch , Executive Director, Sierra Nevada Alliance Executive Director’s Report Jenny Hatch Executive Director 2