Preparation is a key factor in the success of any endeavour, where hostile territories are concerned, the right preparation is
critical. RMSI offers full risk assessment and training to organisations before they deploy into or operate in hostile areas. RMSI
assesses the environment and the needs of the organisation in order to prepare and equip the employees with the right set of
skills and information to be successful working in a hostile area.
RMSI provides clients with a full range of consultancy services for emergency preparedness planning including area health
reviews, site-specific Medical Emergency Response Plans and gap analysis audits. In addition to essential pre-deployment
investigation and planning services, RMSI provides a range of certified medical and occupational health training courses.
Occupational Health
RMSI also operates onsite occupational health services, performing pre-employment medicals, drug and alcohol testing and
site hygiene and water testing services. RMSI also offers remote and onsite Health Safety and Environment (HSE) training
dependent on client needs.
Medical Training
RMSI delivers medical courses tailored to operating in high-risk environments, including the latest RMSI developed and
accredited REACT Course. RMSI has accredited education centres in Dubai, Iraq and Afghanistan. This geographical spread
allows for preparation training before deployment and in-country initial and refresher courses where onsite delivery
is preferred.
With courses accredited by Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), American Heart Association (AHA), American Safety
and Health Institute (ASHI), and First Safety Institute and Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians,
RMSI can provide medical training services tailored to suit a company’s needs.
Medical Consultancy and Training Services
Emergency Preparedness Planning, Training
and Occupational Health Services
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